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Claudia Lüthi aliases Abdelghafar

At the beginning of my art career I just began to paint with oil and was not really thinking of how to do it. But there was a good result.
After I while I heared about making and exact drawing of the painting on the canvas. I tried it but every time I did it I got stucked.
So I stopped doing it and just began to paint directly on the canvas. I had to correct also things after a while and I while not
paint an exact copy of a photo but I want to catch the character of the animal or the athmosphere of the landscape and
bring it on to the canvas. You will also realise that there is a threedimensional effect when you pass the painting. For example
you will think that the horse look at you all the time when you pass the canvas.

What I do to improve my  paintings and drawings is that I make a lot of drawings and studies from anatomical photos
from animals, or studies from clouds, trees or plants. So here you can see an oilpainting on canvas from a dog, the owner was very happy and me to.

Dog portait